Non - Woven Fabric Gown

Non - Woven Fabric Gown

  • Disposable gown in non-woven fabric, 100% opaque polypropylene whit high strength, water-repellent, absorbent, airy and soft, odorless, not sterile. Back closure with laces.
  • WATER-REPELLENT The fabric tends to reject liquid even though it’s not waterproof. Liquid passes through the layers in different moments, based on the weight of the fabric and the volume of the liquid, but it is not absorbed by the fiber.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC The material is suitable and does not create any problem with skin contact, the fabric is principally used in diapers manufacturing.
  • PHOTODEGRADABLE The fabric tends to decompose after 90 days of exposure to sunlight. The decomposition period varies according to the fabric’s consistency.


  • Measurements

    Length 130cm
    Chest width 74cm
    Sleeve length 61cm
    Shoulder length 22cm
    Cuff length 5cm
    Laces length 230cm
    Weight 30 GR/MQ
    Color: White

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